The Onliness Statement

The onliness statement was coined by Marty Neumeier in his branding book "Zag". It was developed from the "Unique Selling Proposition" by Rosser Reeves.

Your studio needs an "Onliness statement."

It's tagline that sets you apart from others in your category, in a clear and organized manner. Here's the formula:

[Company Name] is THE ONLY (category)
THAT (differentiation characteristic)
FOR (customer)
IN (market geography)
WHO (need state)
DURING (underling trend)

Your Onliness statement doesn't even have to go on your website (although it can). For creative studios, this statement is more of a thought exercise.

What sets you apart?
What do you do differently from your competition?
Why do your customer come to you instead of someone else?

The goal is to create a statement that YOUR studio can say yes to, but other studios would say, "no, that doesn't describe us."

Here are a few examples of other Onliness Statements:


If you need help crafting your Onliness statement, reach out to us today!