The ABCD Feedback Formula

Here's a quick formula for evaluating a brand's positioning - or any written content for that matter. Apply this to the words you use on your website and how you talk about your studio.

A: What was Awesome?

What stood out as inspiring or unique? Things that made you say, "I wish I'd thought of that," or, "I want to know how they did that!"

Awesome positioning starts with the story of the founders. Our industry is filled with wonderful, passionate people. It's a shame to bury your passion with bland words and boring positioning.

B: What was Boring?

Boring is:

"We're creative storytellers."

"We produce original content design to inspire, delight and surprise."

"We are looking for mission-driven brands with a purpose."

Look for the phrases that everyone else is using, and try to avoid them. If you're truly a "creative storyteller" - how about telling your own story in a creative way?

C: What was Confusing?

Innovation can be confusing. It's hard to find samples of your work if the title of the portfolio page on your site is "Inspirations." It's confusing to speak in lofty terms if you haven't already made a connection with your audience. Buzzwords are confusing if you don't have the proper context.

Skip the slick, ethereal marketing copy, and simply say what you mean.

D: What Didn't you Believe?

Your clients have excellent bullshit detectors. They're likely *also* expert marketers, same as you.

Stick to your strengths and speak about what you know! Wouldn't you rather attract a client who's the right fit for your specialty?


If you need help with your positioning or brand language, let us know!