SPILLT Client Testimonial: Ed Rhine

I asked Ed Rhine, creative director at SPILLT, to share his experience working with OnRamp. You can view SPILLT’s work at https://www.spillt.com/

What was your absolute biggest challenge prior to working with OnRamp?

I think our biggest challenge was outreach. SPILLT is a fairly well established creative agency but has primarily relied on word of mouth and existing client relationships. The model has worked well for about a decade, but like any service or product, to stay relevant we realized we needed to establish new connections.

How did that challenge make you feel?

The challenge was honestly quite daunting and a bit over whelming.  It is one thing to know that a problem exists and begin to confront, but the true difficulty is facing the challenge head on and breaking it down into manageable parts.

What changed after working with OnRamp?

Fortunately, through our previous connections we knew of Emmett and OnRamp, so finding a partner to assist in our out reach was not difficult.  What changed dramatically was two main areas of our marketing and approach.  The first was really working to define who we are as a company and what we wanted to say in a first contact with a potential partner.  The process created that moment of introspection necessary to focus our energy and thoughts on the perspective of who we are as a company and where we want to be.  Secondly, the volume of connections and meetings with potential clients dramatically increased over the time we have worked with OnRamp.  The research and information available through OnRamp is extensive and the number leads and introductions was far beyond what our business development efforts could have achieved within a year.

What specific results can you share?

Throughout our relationship with OnRamp, we have made significant strides in our outreach towards Agencies and Brands.  On the Agency side, we have connected with over twenty new agencies and brand out reach has developed a significant new relationship with a world leading Bio-tech company, with which we have completed several projects.

What would you say to somebody who’s on the fence about signing up with OnRamp?

The longer you wait, the more you are just delaying the potential growth of your company.

Anything else to add?

In the modern world, it is amazing to connect with companies that operate with integrity and honesty.  OnRamp is truly a dedicated partner that can help advance your business and take your outreach to the next level.

Thank you for sharing Ed!